Countdown to Oxford – Coffee Bars & Cafes

I have some catching up to do!

For today’s Countdown to Oxford series, I’m going to tap into one of the suggestions given to me: Places to Drink Tea…but with a twist. This one’s for my coffee crew 😉

You see, I truly enjoy tea, but coffee is my thing. I have headaches when I miss a cup… I know that it’s a problem but that’s not what this is about. I’ve actually been worrying about what I would do if everywhere I turned someone tried to poor some water over a bag.  I mean, I’m a get-immersed-in-the-culture kind of gal, but I need beans and percolation no matter where I am. Luckily, my worries ended when I discovered which lists noteworthy coffee bars and cafes in Oxford, England. I hope to be able to connect with my coffee crew while abroad (yes I have a group of enabling coffee drinkers who happen to be my parents) so I will certainly feature my visits once I’m there.

Also, while studying theatre in Philadelphia, PA, I worked at Earth Cup Coffee. My boss Natasa told such interesting stories about her travels and affinity for coffee. I loved listening to her recapture memories of global sips and share her drive to open her own café. I’ll definitely be thinking of my coffee crew and coffee chats with Natasa while visiting the following coffee shops.

Just look for this logo on my map.

Coffee + Art Center and a name like that?! I’m there.

27 Park End Street Oxford OX1 1HU | @TheJamFactory |  

I love family owned businesses…

93 Gloucester Green Oxford, OX1 2BU | @Combibos Coffee |

For my cycling enthusiast friend Patrice: Another perfect blend – bikes and coffee, two of my favorite things. The café is a reintroduction to the world. It evolved from ex-pro cyclist Flavio Zappi’s café. Now, it’s the bike friendly café and site of the Zappi Cycling club. Maybe I’ll stop there after biking thru Oxford.

Upstairs at Bike Zone, 28-32 St Michael Street, Oxford OX 1 2EB |  | Facebook

I already love the bohemian décor and the nookish-ness atmosphere. 

Georginas Coffee Shop | Avenue 3, Covered Market, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 3DZ

Caffѐ Nero is taking part in the Cornbury Festival June 29 to July 1st.

14 High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 4DB‎ |

This should be easily accessible – It’s the café at the Art and Archaeology Museum at the University of Oxford. After enjoying the art & artifacts, I can sit on the roof top and sip some beans. Perfection.

Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2PH | @ashmoleandining

I’m loving the funky atmosphere…

14 Turl Street Oxford OX1 3DQ | | Facebook


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