Oxford Journal: It was a good day

Day One

I met journalist Dream Hampton and her daughter at the UK border today. Just an average day traveling the world and seeing one of your fa-ayy-vorite writers. You know how it is.

I recognized them immediately at customs.  I also recognized one of my classmates standing right behind her in line. So, jive turkey grin on my face, I shouted across the line to my classmate, “Hey Oxford student, do you know where our Shakespeare class is going to be”, in a desperate please-turn-and-see-the-brown-girl-reppin’-Oxford-and-Shakespeare-yelp in hopes Hampton would be like…oh, student worthy of my attention for when she awkwardly walks up to me to introduce herself.

I’m so… :-p …anyway.

I did walk up to her and we chatted for a few minutes. I told her that in class we read some of her articles and after being thoroughly inspired, I sought out more of her work. Her article Have Black Women, Will Travel  reminded me of how my mother/aunties/grandmother love to give my sisters and I the world beyond our window.  So I told her that her article had a lot to do with why I was in England seeking how to unleash the witty, honeyed, rhythmic and meaningful voice within me. She introduced me to her daughter, asked where I attend school and I told her I would be starting grad at NYU in the fall. With the flip of a hand she said, “Oh, I’m an alumnus! We’ll talk.”

Immediately after, I sifted through my mp3 player and pressed play on Ice Cube’s (Isley Brothers depending on who you’re talking to, but always to me) “It was a Good Day” instrumental.


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