Thankful to Thank & Thankful to Give

I can’t be with my family this year since I’m stuck in concrete jungle grad school land. Most of my friends here are either on tour or went home for the week so I’m all alone. NOT.

Conspiracies of thievery and slaughter aside, tomorrow is about family, love, thankfulness and giving. Here’s my proverbial thankful-for list:

So, quite simply, I’m going to “thanksgive” with my family over the phone. I’m thankful for the sound of my father hooting as he over butters his infamous candied yams, the sound of laughing from my mother that says, “wish I could email you this cornbread. Quit whining, finish school and you can laugh too”, lol, and finally, the taunting from my siblings as they wrap their lips around the deliciousness not touching my own. I’m thankful for it all because I know it all comes sealed with the Wright kind of love and excitement for my Christmas break arrival.

I’m thankful I’ll get to see my grandmother this Christmas and sit with her at church another New Years Eve.

I’m thankful for each and every one of my extended family and my sister friends old and new.

I’m also thankful for access to education (hallelujah) although being in school means being in love over Google+.

Finally, I’m thankful for what my family and church have taught me: to be thankful that I can thank and give.  There are so many families from Breezy Point, the Rockaways, ManhattanBay RidgeStaten Island and NJ that can’t “go home“. Who am I to complain? Instead of mulling it over, I sought out ways I could help and found a few stellar ones I’d like to share:

Thanksgiving Day

Out of state but not letting Sandy’s affects be out of sight out of mind? Mashable provides an excellent way to Tweet your help

In Manhattan? View this flyer.

In Far Rockaway? Show Full Gospel Tabernacle some love.

Live in Brooklyn? Drivers & hands needed tomorrow at @occupysandy’s Bay Ridge Kitchen! All details here <<<<That’s where I’m going! Read about their work.

In New Jersey? Make room at your dinner table.

Later this Week

Thanksgiving Relief Trip to Breezy Point: Giving Back in the Rockaways

Time’s Up Rockaways Relief Bike Ride

Great for media students and professionals in NYC: Media Project – High Water on Main Street: Documenting Hurricane Sandy’s Effects on Local Businesses in NYC

Follow @NYUservice on Twitter for updates (you don’t have to be an NYU student to volunteer)

Pass this on to anyone you know living in NYC!

Thankful for my Cornish Hen and Glory sides,



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