Reading Journal: High Rise Stories

I know, I haven’t posted anything in forever, I’ve been on a year long honeymoon with journalism. I thought I’d just warm up a bit by updating the About page, inviting you to talk with me @GabiAWright and, write a bit about what I read today.

I’m reading High Rise Stories, Voices from Chicago Public Housing by Audrey Petty. Image

I’m reading it because I’m  a fan of audio diaries and many voices telling one story.  Since reading the immersion journalism works of Sonia Nanchez and Adrian Nicole Le Blanc, I’ve gravitated to collections of curated interviews. I was first exposed to this by my mentor and MA program director Yvonne Latty long before I even knew she would be impacting my life daily. I saw her documentary theater piece based off of her book of interviews, In Conflict in Philadelphia. I was in undergrad studying play writing at the time. It’s when I got my first inkling to go full circle and dip into journalism (story to come) – the rest is happening now.

Note that it’s also the 10th Anniversary of Story Corps and it’s founder, David Isay wrote the forward. I aspire to do what Story Corps does so I was sold. What has kept me glued to the book however, is that I’m reading about a place near where I grew up. And my goodness…the interviews.

These interviews take me back to my childhood, spooked with the myths and warnings about CPH…& what would happen if they got demolished. Sweet Naperville, IL would become more brown & ghetto. We used to call Naper Trails the repository for displaced residents & Quail Ridge the final frontier of the suburbs as we dined on our free lunch program chicken-beak patties & fruit cocktail; unaware we were talking of ourselves.

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