about gabrielle

I like writing about people, art, food the politics around them. Within that, I’m interested in rites of passage, women’s issues, religion, immigration – the stuff that links us together. I’m intrigued by the connection between performance and civic engagement. Many years of studying drama and music forged my love for journeys and the human condition.

In my free time I teach the babies how to read and to love writing (2nd grade tutor through American Reads) . I volunteer at museums, write short stories, cook, get lost on purpose, nurture my love affair with learning languages and sing with the NIU Jazz Ensemble. I’m also a jazz, and journalism camp counselor. I’m also a family-certified coffee snob…working on tea and wine snobhood.




2 responses to “about gabrielle

  1. TRUST ME –

    I am trying my best not to be jealous of your ability to be able to TRAVEL………

    Please take tons of pictures for people like ME – so that I can live through your experience …..LOL ” even if it is on a temp basis”….

    I will be indeed praying for your travels – and God’s grace for you.

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